A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion Series

18 thoughts on “A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion Series”

  1. We just heard about your new devotion

    On Mon, Nov 12, 2018, 8:26 AM Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author juliedibblewrites posted: ” Drowning in a sea of sticky notes, I spy the > envelope for Braedon’s school yearbook. I forgot to write the check. Hope > it’s not too late. Where has my focus gone? Even though my Spirit knows > this worldly hustle and bustle does not require me to partic” >

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  2. Growing up, our big family enjoyed jumping into the holiday bustle. But that was back then, when the bustle looked different, felt different, WAS different. We keep things pretty simple with our holidays now. No cards or presents within or outside the family; but we purposefully join with family and friends. We send a yearly updating letter, with prayers for blessings. We like to focus on what God has for us, and on honoring Him.

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  3. Dear Julie,
    Yes, that busyness can take over so easily! Even as I miss so many things that I have had to lay down over the last few years, because I physically cannot do all that I used to do, I am so grateful that the Heart of the Season is still all about Jesus! That will never change, no matter how much or how little we are involved with. I look forward to reading your series coming up! Blessings and prayers for you Dear Sister!

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  4. Dear Julie, you really hit the heart of the matter with this post. Thank you for sharing with your clarity, honesty, humanity and faith. I feel the same pull that you feel, but want to listen for that higher calling over it all. Praying for you as this day ends and a new begins that you will be refreshed and re-centered in Jesus. You help me stay grounded in Him. So grateful for you. Bless you!

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  5. I agree, Christmas seems to come earlier every year! It’s definitely important to keep focussed on what it’s all about and, as you say, short bursts of truth to remind us are helpful. I’m planning a special series during Advent as well with two shorter posts per week, and I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts too!

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  6. So true! I get caught up in the hustleand bustle that I also am prone to get distracted for the reason we have Christmas in the first place. Thank you for sharing this!

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