A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 4

16 thoughts on “A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 4”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful early celebration. Love this thought, “There is peace when you focus on the present. The given moment. You cannot possibly be anywhere else because you are here.” Thanks, Julie. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. This thanksgiving will be different at the Radford home. My adult children will be scattered in various locations and we will be blessed to host our youngest two grandchildren while their mother who us single gets a much needed break. I’ll cook less and play more. I look forward to making lasting memories.

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  3. In agreement and prayer that families do not bring the hurts and tears to the table, but leave them in the past. Prayers that the hurts and tears do not become a reason to stay away from the table, but that families join together.

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  4. Dear Julie,
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder that in the midst of our feasting, God has called each of us to feast and sit at the table with Him. Oh what a precious and incredible thought, when we do pause to realize that. Why do I ever rush through my time with Him? He is so very good to invite us in. So glad you were able to enjoy family yesterday! Blessings to you for a Happy Thanksgiving through this week.

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    1. Thank you my sister. Yes, His invitation stands always to come to the table and eat, be filled and blessed. I too have been rushing lately, as my poem a couple days ago confessed. Slowing down today for prayer and family time. Have a wonder-full day, dear Bettie.

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