A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 6

24 thoughts on “A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 6”

  1. It does bother me that here in the UK we don’t even have Thanksgiving, but Black Friday has become a bigger and bigger thing over the last few years. It is so important to hold on to the truth of what really matters and to take the opportunities we have to share that this holiday season.

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  2. The forces that are unseen (Spirit, faith, hope, love) are more powerful than those that are seen. What tears the heart is that the seen is so much easier to follow. 😢
    We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving, and are enjoying some rest today.

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  3. Thank you Julie, for these beautiful reminders that we belong to a different King than the word serves! And, thank you for this precious Scripture today. It is a promise the Lord gave me for a young heart several years ago, one I was just praying for this morning. What a precious confirmation from Jesus! He is so faithful!

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  4. Hi Julie, Today was a day of worshiping the LORD in prayer. We live in an area where ‘maybe’ there are 2 other couples who are disciples of Jesus out of quite a few homes. We thank Him for placing us in the midst of so many who are without hope. In this season when precious folks are failing to meet the expectations of our vain and deceptive culture, the sadness and lonesomeness is palpable. We rejoice that the hidden ministry of prayer and intercession is ours to take up daily. What an awe-some God we serve who shows us where He is at work so we may join Him.


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