A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 9

10 thoughts on “A Sacred Pause: Holiday Devotion 9”

  1. Wow, what a Jesus-centered conference! Those speakers and the music must have brought the house down. Jackie Hill Perry takes my breath away with her words. But your words, Julie, “On Christmas Eve, eight years ago, the Jesus I didn’t know claimed me as His own.
    It is that moment of supernatural power … it is my Lord, my Jesus … I want to grab onto, chase after, bow down before, seek His face, ask Him to teach me, to fill me, to use me, to mold me.” That gave me chills. I am praying for fresh wind and fire of His Holy Spirit to flood through you! Blessings and love!

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    1. Thank you sister Melissa for this confirmation. Yes, I bought Jackie Hill Perry’s book and want to find more of her spoken word. I receive this fresh wind and fire of His Spirit, sister. I am convicted once again to break from social media. I am praying about how and when. Love to you, my dear.

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  2. Dear Julie,
    Oh, I am in tears reading of how Jesus came to you on Christmas Eve those years ago. What a special time of year, to remember and rededicate it all over to Him again. He continues to take me deeper into surrenders also. I am so glad that we never get to the end of HIS beauty and grace. He truly is our everything. Blessings and hugs to you as you follow HIM.

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