Moments Without a Price Tag

6 thoughts on “Moments Without a Price Tag”

  1. I love that verse in Isaiah. And this: “Jesus doesn’t leave. He remains in us, with us, and is for us, never against.” SO good to reflect on who He is – thankful for Jesus, thankful for grace at work in us and thankful for people like you who shine His light.

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  2. I’m feeling less of a letdown this year. Perhaps I’m realizing that most of my enjoyment comes in the preparation to bless others. Yesterday, was a wonderful series of moments. But every day can have special moments. We do work hard for that one day–Christmas–but it’s what happens the rest of the year that keeps those connections strong. God bless!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Nancy. Next year I want to involve our boys in some of the local ministry I take part in. Not sure how it will look yet but it will look different than this year💚praying a blessing over you now, sister.


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