Can You Hear the Bones?

16 thoughts on “Can You Hear the Bones?”

  1. Excellent! Love this !!!

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 12:40 Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author juliedibblewrites posted: “Do you have an old dream? Maybe it was earlier > this year, or several years ago. You almost did not remember it, if you are > being honest. Sometimes, we venture out trying to accomplish what we dream > … and fail. The dream dies. Its bones lay scattered in” >

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  2. Such great encouragement, Julie. The word of the Lord. The breath of the Lord. The faithful, everlasting love of the Lord. I am greatly encouraged as a new year dawns. He will never leave us or forsake us!


  3. Oh Julie, these verses have been on my mind these last few days also! Again, God is confirming His Word to me through your words here. He is so good to keep us following Him, and the dreams that He has planted in our hearts. And He is so good to speak life over those places in our lives that feel so dead! Love and blessings to you this New Year, Dear Friend!

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  4. Dear Julie,

    Its such an amazing gift from above..Being with the Living Word is something hard for humans since I found faith is the foundation of our life and to maintaining that faith in different curcumstances are also important.If we completely put the trust in full surrenderance..Then our life will be safer under His arms..full secured…well protected…

    Thank you Julie for sharing your writings with us !!!

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