Do You Have One Word (It’s Ok if you don’t)?

32 thoughts on “Do You Have One Word (It’s Ok if you don’t)?”

  1. Hey Julie,

    I’ve never made resolutions or had a one word for the year. But this year, the Lord did direct me to a Scripture for the new year. I like how you make the point if we are choosing our one word or if God leads us to it. Glad the Lord saw you and your husband through the trial. This is beautiful,

    “It’s not so much the letters that spell surrender. Rather, it’s the powerful sweetness in moving ever toward my Lord and Savior. Once secure in His arms, I almost forgot the word that season.” Amen! Blessings!

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    1. Oh Karen, He is so good and only He knows why He gave you that Scripture. To me, now, the uncertainty makes life exciting in its heavenly mystery. Thank you for your support and encouraging words here. I truly appreciate the nudge to keep going.

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  2. Hi Julie, I’ve had two words bubbling about in my brain. Perhaps one is my own, which is recovery. But I’m certain the other is from the Lord, healing. For we know that in healing there’s recovery from the trials and devastation life throws our way. Believing in His vast power to bring healing to my heart and soul and lead me down the path of recovery to accomplish His will and purpose for my journey. Thanks for such an inspiring post, again! Happy New Year!

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    1. Oh wow! How amazing that you have to words, paired to keep you focused on His leading down the path He has already forged for you, Rene. Thank you for sharing. I thank you too for the confirmation I obeyed His leading with this post. Happy new year and new day💕

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  3. Surrender was my first word for the year back in 2016, and it was challenging but powerful! My word this year is Truth. I’m planning to read The Sin Of Certainty this year so it was good to read more about it here.

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  4. Hi Julie, thanks for sharing your experience about one word. My one word for 2019 is Joy. I pray that as I spend time with the Lord, I will experience the fullness of his Joy. I will prayerfully look for God through the lens of Joy throughout the year. It doesn’t mean problem free, it’s an abiding joy.

    “he tells us to place trust in Him over being right about Him.” I like this quote.
    It is not about a formula or method, rather, it is about trusting Him and having an intimate relationship with Him.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have placed three words in front of myself for this new year: faith, family, and health. If I take care of these three (with God’s help), I will stay on track to enjoy the rest of my 2019 journey.

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  6. Mine is “faithful”. It came to me well before NYE. I’m believing God has been faithful in giving me time to walk in his purpose and He will continue to be faithful. I want to be “faithful in a few things”. I can’t tell you how freeing for me the word “few” is!

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  7. Julie, I love your perspective on this! May God lead us, either way! May our time be spent drawing near and enjoying the awe and wonder of a God of mystery. I don’t have a particular word, just praying for me to hear His highest calling each day and run to Him first and most. Blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you for being here, Melissa. Yes, I agree. May our time “be spent drawing near”. Highest calling each day! Something I am learning with that is a highest calling necessarily mean completion of a task. Thank you, Jesus!


  8. Love this: “place trust in Him over being right about Him.” I recently told someone, “Anyone who thinks they have all their theology completely right is already wrong.” God is so much bigger than that!
    I’m seeking and listening for a word this year. God powerfully used last year’s word–generosity–to change my heart. At the same time, I appreciate your encouragement that God isn’t always going to work that way in every person’s life.

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    1. Thank you for being here, Carole. Yes, God used that book by Peter Enns to dismantle some of the pride in my heart. It is a good one for all. I pray you receive a word as powerful as last year, if that is His will for you.

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  9. Dear Julie,
    Oh, yes, I have been praying over this new word that He has been leading me into for this New Year. The surrender has come as I have laid down my “right to know” and to enter into that great mystery that you so beautifully spoke about here. He does seem to surprise me in midstream also! Lord willing, I will be blogging again this week, and sharing what He is sharing with me. I love it that He has allowed us to walk alongside each other on this path, Julie. You are a precious encouragement!

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