His Glory at Mary’s House, Part 1

9 thoughts on “His Glory at Mary’s House, Part 1”

  1. This is incredible! Praise God! Yes, I too have felt the power of the Holy Spirit like that. Before I would speak in college it was like my mind would clear and He would just fill me up with what to say. So cool! That was one anointed worship time! Always enjoy reading your blog Julie, God bless!

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    1. Oh thank you for sharing Ryan! It is so good to know of others who recognize that incredible, unspeakable Jesus power. Yes it was anointed from Our Most High God. More coming as I search my heart for words to match the experience. Bless you right back.

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  2. Oh, I am so grateful for the ways that He moved within and upon you Julie. I have experienced that touch of His when He called me to speak up HIS words before a crowd, or sometimes with just one. And my legs felt like they would shake apart! But won’t Heaven be wonderful? To be so filled up with Him, for all time? Oh, I am eager to be with Him there. And I want to more aware of His presence within and upon during these last days. Can’t wait to hear more of the stories from your trip. Blessings and Love to you!

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    1. Bettie, thank you for sharing about your legs shaking. I asked Him to forgive me that I tried to squelch His power in me before I knew what it was. Yes, sometimes my legs are weak yet they are strong. It is wild abandon into His arms. Yes, I cannot even imagine how Heaven will be. I guess our new bodies will be well equipped and only familiar with His power, nothing less! Praise You Jesus! Love to you my sister. I look forward to recalling more of the stories to share. May He bless the work of your hands and mind today, Bettie.

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