You Can’t Slay What You Don’t See

20 thoughts on “You Can’t Slay What You Don’t See”

  1. Powerful message, Julie. Love the whole thing, but especially this thought:

    “Any heart separated from God is a tragedy in Heaven. It is why He pursues us in the dark, in the mess, in the garden that was perfect until …”

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  2. Beautiful, Julie. Your post reminds me of:
    Psalm 139:23-24 (NIV)
    23 Search me, God, and know my heart;
    test me and know my anxious thoughts.
    24 See if there is any offensive way in me,
    and lead me in the way everlasting.

    I am realizing this is a daily walk of Him opening our eyes. We don’t realize we are walking in blindness. Like Kathy mentioned, I also think God knows best when the timing is right for our blindfold to be lifted and how. It’s all in His purpose and plan.

    I am so thankful He has been doing it step by step with me. He knows the weight of shame and pain like no other and how to gently nudge us forward. It sounds like He was being that gentle nudge forward through you for your friend. She is blessed to have a praying friend like you.

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    1. Anna, it is a blessing to walk alongside you. I fully believe how Kathy described Our blessed Father. He knows and prepares us for His revealing. If Spirit would have shown me I do not NEED friends 4 years ago, it would have crushed me. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly and honestly. We shall rejoice His goodness together as we walk His narrow path! Thank you, Jesus, for your love and care and abounding grace as we grow in our understanding of what loving you first means.

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  3. Dear Julie,
    This is so beautiful. Jesus was working in my heart to uncover things, just as you sent me that song this morning too. Thank you for being so open and listening to the Lord, having nothing between you and Him, and hearing His whispers. I pray that as you prepare for your speaking this weekend, He will keep you in that same place of openness. Blessings and Love Dear Friend!

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    1. Bettie I thank Him for these words, helped me to process through His uncovering of sin. And His timing! I pray that openness in our spirits, yours and mine and those of the hardest hearts, receive all He has to give. Thank you for your prayers for speaking. I cherish them.

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  4. Oh so many statements here that are gems! . Naked, completely free and open, was designed to be the way we keep in perfect relationship with God. Admission of my humanity and God’s supremacy is such a key! So many hide behind the facade, and they are the ones missing out. God wants us to grow and growth brings pain, but staying where you are causes more. Bless you Julie! Thank you for this.

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