Bring on, 49!

24 thoughts on “Bring on, 49!”

  1. Happy birthday!! Beautiful testimony! Every attack just presses our roots deeper into Jesus. I once got so demoralized when it felt like I had fallen for the very same weakness again – the fear of man – but God showed me that no, He was just taking His truth even deeper into my heart.

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  2. Wow! Your post really hit the nail on the head. Absolutely every single word reverberated my walk these past few weeks. I needed the strength poured out in your words of encouragement to suit up and call the devil out for his ugly attacks. Thank you! Thank you!

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    1. Mary dear, if God opens a door to speak I will come to Massachusetts. I visited there in the Berkshire mountains when I was in high school many times. Thanking Jesus for speaking to you through this post.
      Told someone else it wasn’t the birthday post I had in mind, but He knew who would read today 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday Dear Julie!
    Oh that old enemy is right there to heap his condemnation right at the point that our hearts have felt the conviction that Jesus brings. I am so thankful that our Jesus can sort out the battle for us, when we come in surrender to Him. I sure understand that pouring out of our heart before Him. What a sweet window to your soul that you have opened before us. And no, maybe it’s not the Birthday post you had in mind, but I feel like it’s the best because it’s so full of your heart being shared with Jesus. May He continue to bless you with His intimate presence this year! Love and Blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you Bettie for sharing. You said it plainly: Jesus sorts out the battle for us. Hope lives! I pray Jesus use these words, yours and mine, for fertilization on the most stubborn of crops. Love you and thank you for the plentiful birthday blessings my sister.

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  4. Happy birthday! My birthday is coming up too and I’ve had some recurring spiritual attacks as well. I am soaking in Lara Casey’s book MAKE IT HAPPEN. Fear is an underlying factor of many struggles unless it is a reverent of fear of the Lord. I am so glad you are seeing this and being freed by it.

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    1. Thank you Shelby. Happy birthday to you too! Yes, good bye to fear. And when or if it hits, I know who will save me (again). Love how you share the books you are reading. I am in a holding pattern as I prepare to speak 2 times next month, probably wont start a new book until April.

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