Suspended Surrender

15 thoughts on “Suspended Surrender”

  1. Julie I love this term, “Suspended Surrender.” There truly are times where He is calling to us, but as you say the horizon is just too far off to see anything yet. I used to function in that make-a-list kind of living at times in my life, and when God calls a pause, it is not easy. I want to keep asking, “what are You doing, what are You saying?” But He just calls to come be with Him and watch. He is at work! Prayers and Love to you, Dear Friend!

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    1. Thank you for joining Bettie. Our Lord definitely gave me the title Suspended Surrender. I am so happy to know you experienced something similar. I have been guilty of asking Him, what now? I do sense a change coming … love and prayers right back to you sister.

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