The Rhythm of Abiding

18 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Abiding”

  1. I like this part: “I surrender the need to remember every last prayer request when I sit with Him. If I simply focus on Him, ask Him to pray for those I don’t remember, He brings them back into my focus.” Another good way to depend on Jesus. 😊

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  2. Julie, these words are so precious, especially these: “My prayer is to be used by Jesus for His glory.
    He fills me with Himself, so that others will see and hear Him, not me.” This heart comes through in everything you share! You remain in my prayers as you prepare for your next moment to speak for Him! Love & Hugs!

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  3. Amen!! Love this message sweet friend. I love how you and your words are so confident in God, you and your ministry bless me. Praying for you as you prepare for your next speaking event for God. Keep shinning dear sister.

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    1. Oh dear Sydell, thank you for this heart-felt encouragement. I am thanking Jesus for ministering to your heart with the messages He gives me. And I feel those prayers sister. He is lead me to share the depth of my depression to contrast with He, my Living Hope. Oh for Your Glory, Lord!


  4. Julie, I like the verb “abide” when trying to stay in rythm with Jesus as I walk with him. I can never expect to walk perfectly with him, but I can work to listen to Him and abide in His teachings.

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