The Mysteries of The Holy Spirit: My Last Speaking Event

15 thoughts on “The Mysteries of The Holy Spirit: My Last Speaking Event”

  1. WOW. I’m so moved by your security in the Lord to trust Him to move through you in the way that He wants. This is so right for now. We must know Him so well that He truly does move through us to bring breakthrough in every meeting. That encourages us all to not be glued to notes. I’m growing there. Thanks Julie.

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    1. Praise the Lord, Patti! I am still growing there too without the notes. It is a matter of complete trust, like you said, something that does not come easy to us humans 🙂 may God bless your writing and whatever other ways God is using you. In Christ, Julie


  2. Praise God for the beauty that He is unfurling around you, Julie. I am so thankful for the movement of His Spirit. I will continue to pray for the truths that He revealed to grow stronger in every life that was present! Blessings and love to you Dear Friend!

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    1. Oh sister, yes! Fan the flame, praying now with you Holy Spirit move, work, show the glory of Jesus Christ within the church walls and throughout their community. Thank you dear Bettie for coming alongside me today to seek Him.

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    1. Thank you for your support encouragement sister. The pastor and people were so warm and welcoming. Jesus was in the house! As I stand beside you in the Kingdom, Karen, praise ever on our lips.


  3. Your confidence is a gift and it reaches me through your words. Holy Spirit is working in and through you and it is evident in how you touched the people who were there at Zanesville church and how you write about the experience Thank you for your faithfulness. It is a testimony to God’s goodness.

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    1. Oh Mary, thank you. It is a gift from him to know others see and hear Him through me. I just spoke last evening at my church, learned what I could have done to make message more clear. I am thankful for guidance and direction. I also am in need of rest. May God bless your Sunday with His abundance.


    1. It takes practice and by no means do I reach prayer on every single thing. Shelby, when you stay close to Him in your heart, your prayers are heard whether you speak them or not. For us moms, praying out loud teaches the kids AND let’s us connect with Jesus. So many good things about prayer and each new day is a new opportunity!

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