My Lost Keys, My Husband and God

10 thoughts on “My Lost Keys, My Husband and God”

  1. Praise God for the ways that He brings us His help! And I praise Him for those balancing acts that happen in our marriages. I am so glad whenever He opens my eyes to appreciate those differences, instead of reacting in frustration! (Because those old ways still happen, even after 40 years, and I am continuing to learn too.) We will raise a Hallelujah together to HIM! Love & Hugs Dear Sister.

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    1. Oh Bettie, how I appreciate your transparency. A balancing act is a great image for marriage when we are so different. I am all for raising a Hallelujah with you, sister, in the middle of all uncertainty, may He hear our praise!

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  2. Wonderful and touching testament! Julie, I am pleased that your keys were found, but most of all, you are blessed with a wonderful marriage. I will be in worship this Easter Sunday at my home church with some family time following church.

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