Marriage and a Hike

16 thoughts on “Marriage and a Hike”

  1. He is certainly a gracious God. I believe I would have taken you to more direct route too. But I’ll never tell Mr. Jason that; or that you wrote about this grand adventure. 🙂 God’s blessings…

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    1. Thank you J.D. Jason knows I wrote about it. I told him I would and did. Turns out I forgot to include one of His mercies for Jason. While we were still tromping around, Jason spied about 12 deer in the distance, the sun gleaming as they snacked. All I could see was leaves moving as the deer ran away. That gift was for my husband. Yes, He is a gracious God!


  2. Are you going to blog about this? Why..yes, yes I am. And it is going to entertain and encourage many. Especially those of us who have hiked many a trail as a married couple!! Thanks so much for sharing. So glad you got out:) You are a trooper!! (I’m going to remember those emergency supplies!)

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    1. Thank you, Jennifer. So glad this post brought a smile and the reminder of emergency stuff, the stuff you rarely need but cant live without! Have a beauty-full holiday weekend. In Christ, Julie


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