Finding His Way for My Life

14 thoughts on “Finding His Way for My Life”

  1. Yes, Jesus is enough Ms. Julie. Yet, I firmly believe God placed a desire for more in our hearts when He created us. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:11 often, when it seems I am hoping for “more” in my life. I am just as convinced that this desire for more has been subverted by Satan and the world. While I am certain I will not be satisfied until I am gathered up in the clouds with my Savior on that day; my goal in this life is to move my wants and desires to those things God wants for me. I think this is where our ongoing spiritual growth leads. Great post this Monday morning ma’am.

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    1. You captured the tension beautifully J.D. I believe God wants to grant our desires, but only if they are pleasing to Him in His perfect will. You might say I am experiencing growing pains! Thank you for bringing your iron here this morning. Mine needed sharpened 🙂

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  2. Dear Julie,
    Amen. May I give Him my all, the One who gave His all for me. And yes, we are alone in serving Him, but yet we are not alone, as He gives us everything we need! Even in that precious song you shared with me this morning. I pray that He will strengthen you and help you to keep walking on the path that He has set before you, dear friend!


      1. No worries Julie. You have a ministry that God has placed in your heart now. Proving Faithful is most important to your call. Looking forward to more blessed articles.

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