Seeking His Wisdom

15 thoughts on “Seeking His Wisdom”

  1. Hard lessons to learn sometimes Ms. Julie. Money plays an important part in our world. We trade our time, energy, and skill for it. It has value, but only in this world and only in how we use it. No matter what we have as “security” in this world, it’s important to remember there is nothing secure about this world. What we save here is not as important as what we’re investing in our spiritual life. Am glad to see you’re learning this lesson sweet sister in Christ. With God, we have everything we need… for eternity.

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  2. I thought the night might bring my death,
    but it seems that I’m still here,
    still writing and still drawing breath,
    still happy, and ain’t that queer?
    I can no longer turn my head,
    a tumour sees to that;
    while I can still swallow daily bread,
    there’s no way I’ll get fat.
    But dying is a way of living,
    a secret I’d have never guessed,
    a time for loving and forgiving
    before the journey to the West.
    Yes, it hurts, and though pain be brutal,
    my life is anything but futile.

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  3. When I was a teenager, I played a song on my clarinet that was a favorite in some churches: “How Rich I am, since Jesus came my way, redeemed my life and turned my night today…” I loved the song, but had so much to learn about the deep truth it contained! Thank you for stirring up this precious truth in my heart!! Love you Dear Julie!

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