Manna for Today

12 thoughts on “Manna for Today”

  1. So beautiful Dear Sister. This prayer was just what I needed for today, as I head to yet another Dr appointment: “We trust You, Jesus, that You will not leave us in the wilderness without provision. ” He knows exactly what we need, and He will give us just the right manna that we need for today. Thank you for sharing Julie. And thank You Lord, for leading me here to read at this moment of my own need. Amen.

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    1. Thank you Jesus for words to be meaningful to others. You knew Bettie had another appointment today, Lord, I did not. Thank you Jesus again for caring for my sister in her sometimes unexplained pain. Thank you Bettie for keeping a relationship with me. I appreciate your presence in my life. Love, Julie

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  2. Awww, Julie. Yes, you may have touched on one of my heart-issues in your post. It’s so easy to ask for more than we need. I hadn’t equated it to the Israelites’ ungratefulness toward God for providing manna for each day.

    This right here: “Lysa spoke of our expectations of a loaf of bread, that we seek more that what we are given, that what we want is not what He delivers.

    I, too, find it a struggle to make consistent time to write. As I read your words, I was reminded of the truth that God’s timing (for each of us to move forward on our writing journeys) is always perfect. And that means that sometimes He doesn’t open up large windows of time, or any time to write. Will I be thankful for the small windows when they become available? That’s the question.

    Thank you for sharing your heart-lesson. It spoke to me.

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    1. Oh Jeanne, thanking Jesus for ministering to us both in this post. Each day, and its manna of time, is what I pray to steward wisely. I did write this morning, even though I was tired. Progress not perfection, right?


  3. I love how God touched you among a thousand women. He loves you so much and knew that you needed that extra nudge from him. I also like how Lysa shared that we are going for the extra bread which is more than we need and also many times not what we need. May I keep my eyes on God and heart focused on what He wants for me.

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  4. So much good truth here, Julie. I love how God spoke to you at the conference and especially how He gave you a concrete, practical way forward with the idea to write 200 words each morning. Many blessings to you as you do a little each day and see how quickly the words add up! 🙂

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