When Your Marriage Gets Quiet

31 thoughts on “When Your Marriage Gets Quiet”

  1. Oh Julie!!! I’m glad that in Jason’s longing for you that Jesus spoke and he listened. The devil is very sneaky in his methods of separating what God joined together!

    May this new kindling grow brighter and brighter as you both fan the flames in your marriage!

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    1. Stu, I appreciate your Godly support of our marriage. I know you know some of those devil schemes. I receive this blessing “new kindling to grow brighter as we fan the flames in our marriage.” Stu, I pray now for God to provide what it is you need for today, and for Him to provide tomorrow what you need for tomorrow. In Christ, Julie

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      1. You are welcome for the marital support Julie! I truly believe in marriage!!

        And sadly, yes I know of his schemes 😦

        Thank you so much for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I will be praying for you both!

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  2. What a wonderful testimony Julie. Marriage certainly is full of noisy times and quiet times. I know that Wanda and I have experienced many ourselves. Even though we may be doing our own thing, our hearts are knit together and we often find ourselves connecting simply because we miss each other’s company. What makes this funny is that Wanda’s little table is only 5 feet from mine in this little room but we can be worlds apart in what we are doing. 🙂

    I am so glad your beloved chose to push past the quiet just to connect with you. You deserve that kind of love and he needs it. I know we aren’t always fast at connecting but when our beloved wants to connect we are all in. Your response is so precious and I am convinced your beloved was overjoyed at just being invited into your world. You two are very blessed to have each other. What an honor.

    I love the fact that Jesus uses marriage to tell us His preferred way of connecting with us as we mature spiritually. When His desire rises up and He calls us to Himself the passion is hard to deny. I know that it melts my heart and no matter how much trial I am under I just want to be with my Beloved. Truly, is there anything better than to just bask in HIs passionate desire?

    May you find new depths of intimacy within the heart of your Beloved today sister!

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    1. Oh Homer, I couldn’t agree more! Your words, “When His desire rises up and He calls us to Himself, the passion is hard to deny”. Thank you for your kind, gracious encouragement here today. Jason and I are so very thankful for all Jesus has done and will do in our marriage. Blessings today as you and your Wanda push your tables closer 🙂

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  3. Tears here as I read your words tonight, Julie! May God continue the blessed work that He has begun in your relationship. I loved this paragraph: “Where there is nothing, there is always hope. Where there is routine, He does a new thing. Where there is separateness, He binds together. Where there is quiet, He speaks to those who listen.” Amen. Let it be so in my life, and in my marriage as well. Love you Dear Sister!

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    1. Oh Bettie, I want to apologize. I have been off the blogging grid. I told my husband last night I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I wrote. He gave me permission to post this. He is learning how our stories help others as God uses them. Praise God! Love you, too, Bettie. I look forward to taking in your words as I slow down this afternoon after work.


  4. For what it’s worth, your Mr Jason sounds like a “Helluva Man” Ms. Julie. I recognize He is much younger than me, but somehow I think most men are wired to believe we must be the strong, silent, “burden bearers” of our family. We’re not supposed to show weakness, fear, worry, or loneliness; yet, we all do. These are part of the human condition, and are not gender-specific. God made man, and woman, to be together. To work together in unison for all things. One of Satan’s favorite tricks is to allow us all to get so busy doing other things that couples start to drift apart. Both sides of the marriage equation must fight to not allow that to happen. Am glad you two recognize this. I told my Diane before we were married (both for the second and final time), that we must start each day on opposite shores. We each begin building a bridge toward each other throughout the day. There will be days when one has to build more spans than the other, but that’s alright. It will even out over time. Success in our marriage will be when each day our bridges meet together somewhere over the expanse of this world. Well said young lady. God’s blessings to a wonderful couple.

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    1. Thank you J.D. Love this: start on opposite shores and build bridges toward each other throughout the day. Yes, such wisdom God has given my wonderful husband to share more of his heart with me. We are moving toward each other as I type. Just received a call from him and he is at work! May God bless you and your beautiful wife Diane this given day.

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  5. So beautifully said, Julie. This is so powerful, “WAITING WITHOUT A GOD REASON CAN BE THE DEATH OF SOMETHING.” Truth, sister! Praying the Lord continues to strenthen your marriage and mine too. That even when the seasons change around us, our marriage withstands any winter that comes our way and finds a way to bloom again!

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  6. Oh Julie. This is such an encouraging post for me.
    Keith and I are also struggling with time management with each other. Busy, going in two different directions, not much time spent just talking, or sharing lately. We need to find our way back to each other. I will pray and ask God to help us.


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