Soaking in His Sun

18 thoughts on “Soaking in His Sun”

  1. Amen, Dear Julie. It is the light of Jesus that restores us, and enfolds us when the weight of our burdens consume us. Thank you for the precious reminder to keep looking up to HIS heart. I am so thankful for the ways He meets us and calls us to Himself. Love and Hugs to you.


    1. Thank you for joining me, Kass. It is sometimes a struggle to let go of the need to do so I can just be. I receive these kind words of encouragement, like honey to my soul. Have a blessed rest of Wednesday, sister.


  2. Beautiful thoughts! Continued prayer for Jackson & you. We had prayer also at Bible study Wednesday and my ladies are praying for all of you.💜
    A good reminder to find that place we can go to refresh ourselves, especially when we are faced with uncertainty. My place is early in the morning just before the sun comes up, sitting in my chair, maybe with a cup of tea, facing where the sunrise comes up. It always lifts my soul and gives me hope. It washes away the dark of night to a new day that’s coming! Love you dear sister in Christ.💜

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  3. What a refreshing reminder. Thank you Julie! I need to pause more throughout the day and just soak in His presence, even if for five minutes. I am awash with peace at the reading of your post. Have you gotten word on your son’s tests from the other day? Blessings my friend ♥

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    1. Thanking Jesus for using this post to draw you to pause more. Thank you for asking about our son. They are very close to a diagnosis. Jackson has had more tests to complete. I will update as I am able. May God bless you this next hour, sister.

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