A Prayer For Your New Week Through the Eyes of a Highly Sensitive Servant

13 thoughts on “A Prayer For Your New Week Through the Eyes of a Highly Sensitive Servant”

  1. Awesome prayer, Julie! I’m right there with you…wanting more of Our Lord in my life, but constantly asking Him why He’s letting so much evil take place. Your prayer has great honesty and hope. God bless all of us as we navigate this week. Blessings to you and your family. Judeen

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    1. Thank you for such a blessing sister. I am busy preparing to speak. Our son Jackson is titrating off prednisone, praise God for that. And thank you for praying this prayer along with me and other believers this week. Love in Christ, Julie #unityofbelievers #powerofprayer

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      1. Amen, I praise God with you for the healing work in Jackson’s life. I pray for Holy Spirit to guide your words, and to cause confident hope to arise in your soul; for God is on the case. With love and blessings to you, dear sister ♥


  2. Thank you for these precious words today, Dear Julie! This darkness and heaviness of this world just continues to increase, and it’s so easy to be despairing when we feel even a touch of it! But Praise God, we can cry out to Jesus. I echo these words with you,
    “We are sorry when we get overwhelmed with news and forget to pray.
    We look to You, Lord, to order our steps.”
    And, please order our words in prayer also. Blessings and love to you dear friend.

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    1. Yes, Lord, please order our words in prayer too. Praying that with you Bettie. And praising His holy name for bidding us to come to Him with every last thing on earth, every tear, every heartache, every body ache, every debt. Love you, Julie

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  3. Thank you, Julie, for this beautiful, heartfelt, poetic prayer, which puts into words how many of us feel. I’m also a highly sensitive person and spent my childhood being reviled and shamed by my family for being an introvert bookworm hiding herself away in her bedroom. Now I see touches of the extrovert in me too but it only comes out when I’m with those I trust and feel comfortable around! Having a heart that beats like Jesus’ does for those in pain and trouble is a wonderful gift to have, especially if it leads to a deep compassion and a heart for intercessory prayer. I definitely see that in you. May you celebrate your caring heart for others and your unique character makeup. Both are just as God made you to be. Blessings and love. xo ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and giving heart, Joy. I am sorry you were shamed. I think I morphed out of self-survival. Then before I knew God, I shamed my son for being introverted and shy. Oh how He redeems! Yes, it seems being highly sensitive applies to each one in my family. I thank you for sharing with me that you are too. I look at it as God wastes nothing and has prepared us through our suffering to pray and be comforts to others. Blessings and love right back dear sister, Julie

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