Four Steps to Embrace Suffering as We Journey to the Cross

11 thoughts on “Four Steps to Embrace Suffering as We Journey to the Cross”

  1. Beautiful prayer, dear Julie. Yes, Lord, help us to surrender our days to You, and to embrace the suffering as we embrace You. I am continuing to pray for you, even as I am so grateful for the all of the prayers you have offered for me. May God be glorified through it all. #Praywithoutceasing

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  2. Julie, Powerful 4 elements. I especially like reject self-help. I have written about this before. We were wired from the Creator to need His help, yet, we learn self-help. I’m intentional to lay down the lie of self-help. We need God-help, Jesus-help, and help from the Holy Spirit. Beautiful post.

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    1. Amen, Karen! Yes the lie of self-help. Just give me Jesus in the morning, at noon and while I sleep. My heart is heavy with the way some messengers of God dilute His truth and the way devil twists His saving to saving ourselves. Oh Lord, yes, we need You. Have a blessed rest of this day, sister.


  3. During my personal Lenten journey, I try to embrace the journey of Jesus as He walks to the Cross. His witness humbles me, yet there is mighty strength in His Word.

    I will be praying for Jackson as well as for his entire family. I understand the frustration with chronic illness or pain as others in my family deal with these situations. God’s peace!


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