Let Hope Arise

12 thoughts on “Let Hope Arise”

  1. Making new batches of elderberry syrup and Vitamin C chews this morning. But that is not where my hope lies. My hope is with my God: Ps 42.11b hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

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  2. I thank the Lord for you Julie. Thank you for sharing with us what the Lord lays on your heart to share. He is King overall! I love Him with all my heart. Please pray that I will love Him more.

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  3. Julie, thanks for sharing a beautiful start to a morning with your photo, poem, and Scripture. Central Ohio has received more than its fair share of rain the past three days. The creeks are running out of their banks, yet my eyes go to faithful Noahd building His ark. We have an arm present in our lives each and every day in Jesus. Our Lord encourages us to walk faithfully with Him, without fear.

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  4. Wow, my Lord is amazing! I’m going through a divorce and I’m battling with depression. I was sleeping and was woken up with the words “Let hope Arise”. And I was led to google this phrase. And this poem is what showed up. This was meant for me. I receive it in the name of Jesus,Amen
    Thank you for allowing yourself be used by our mighty God.

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    1. Good morning sister, I thank Jesus for waking you, giving you the phrase and for giving me this post. I pray your depression is lessened as you continually seek Him. Lifting you now to the One who is close to all who love Him.


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