God Stops Plagues

9 thoughts on “God Stops Plagues”

  1. Wow, that is some chapter in Numbers! It brings my heart to its knees, bowing in holy worship of Almighty God. I notice how many times, just in this chapter, that Moses and Aaron throw themselves down on their faces before God. They have the right response.
    May that be our response to Almighty God. May His purposes be wholly fulfilled in our current plague. Bring us to our knees, oh Lord; I fall on my face before You, interceding for us all. Give us eyes to see Your Glory, and hearts to repent. Fill our homes with Your Love as we re-connect. Thank You for this unique opportunity.

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    1. Love your perspective, Kathy. Thank you for sharing how God worked here. Praise His name. And may we all bow low with hearts of reverence. And yes … I enjoyed my oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon and almonds on the side πŸ™‚

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  2. Julie, thank you for turning my Bible to Numbers 16. This is a part of Scripture seldom read by myself, so time for a new page in my Christian walk. I appreciate your encouragement. May we all continue to be Prayer Warriors. God’s peace!

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  3. Just saw this as my sister mentioned she was doung this prayer. I was dropped to my face yesterday as i watched a video of jeremiah johnson calling all watchmen to the wall. I spent some time repenting from not adoring and worshipping God. I have spent so much time not presding into the only one who can change us the only one who can give us eternal life the only one who can set us free from bondage. What an awesome God we serve. Yes joining you in the prayers. Thank you for setting this up

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