Join me for a Spring, Scriptural Walk

22 thoughts on “Join me for a Spring, Scriptural Walk”

    1. Good morning Bettie, I responded to you via my phone, but the comment is lost somewhere in the virtual world. Thank you for coming alongside on this walk, for if I had focused on exercise I would have missed Him! Such spiritual warmth deep down in my soul for His Word, even if I/we have read it 100 times, it is alive and active, working to mold us, to comfort us, to hold us close. Have a beauty-full day, Bettie. I pray you hear His voice today sister. Love, Julie


  1. Oh Bettie, thank you for coming alongside. His creation speaks. If I had simply walked to exercise, I would have missed Him. Thank you, Jesus, for filling our cups with Your beauty each day. Help us to see you in all things, for that is where You are. Love, Julie


    1. Good afternoon, Eileen. I apologize for the late reply. I am a bit confused now that I see WordPress on my phone too. It seems not all comments are loading in either place. Anyway, Thank you for walking along with me. It is still pretty chilly for late April in PA but tends to warm toward mid-day. I pray today, Thursday, is a blessing in more ways than one for you, dear. Love in Christ, Julie

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      1. Thank you my girl friend is on the ICU and finally off the ventilator however her sister died from it on Holy Thursday. Please keep my sister Sharon in your prayers she lived in Washington state and will be tested tomorrow she is not doing well

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  2. Took my virtual walk with you this morning. Raining here, but your walk gave me hope. I am working from home now. I need to start walking physically again. Legs have been bothering me so it will be a slow walk. God bless.

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  3. The lack of face-to-face social contact has weighed on me at times in recent weeks. My wife and I feel more hermits living up in the hills. If course, we don’t. My walks have allowed me to experience God’s creation, up and close personal. Between these walks and reading His Word, I always have social contact in its purest sense.

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    1. Oh so true! We are never alone. He is blessing us even we don’t see. I am stuck between offering to lead a class online or wait until the meeting ban lifts. I am torn. Gotta pray cuz what Julie wants is face to face. God may want me to start sooner online. He wants His people back!


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