The Gift Upon the Gift

4 thoughts on “The Gift Upon the Gift”

  1. Oh Dear Sister, Only God could have woven all of these things together in His perfect timing! Especially into a day where I knew that my strength was so small, and fogginess was so great, He made sure that the gift was from His hand. Praise His name! I am so thankful that we can worship Him together, at His feet, and pray for so many hearts who also long to be loved. Thank you Julie for the precious prayers and love from Jesus that you have shown to me. I pray that He will multiply the gift that came from Him in the first place. May He bless the broken bread now. Blessings & love, Bettie

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    1. Oh Bettie dear. His perfect timing is always awe-inspiring. Thank you for being obedient to Him in spite of your weakness. And of course when we are weak, it allows Him to really show off as He did yesterday. Praying for your physical body to relax into His presence today. I pray in agreement that He multiply His gifts to you and to me and to those in desperate need of Him. Our God never stops pursuing us. Praise His name. Love and hugs to you sister from PA. P.S. We did get that family walk, but the first park we went to was closed for cars and for walkers 😦 We walked in the neighborhood instead and shared chocolate chip cookies I made this morning.

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