One Moment

17 thoughts on “One Moment”

  1. Julie, I just love you! I was so excited to read your post. Your way with words …oh my. The re-enactment photo is superb! I treasure it! 😊🤗 so many bites of wisdom in this writing~from
    defining wisdom, to the plans our Father has for us, to REST in him. We are to seek his will and wisdom. And like you, have faith 💚 PS~I totally believed the story even without the picture, but the pic just made my day! Love and peace my friend ❤️🤗

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  2. Wisdom: seeing things from God’s perspective.
    My husband reminds me often: Be aware; everywhere, all around, be aware.
    What wondrous things we can see and internalize when we see things with God’s eyes! When we look fully to Him, and He directs our vision!

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  3. Dear Julie,
    What a double gift that little bird was! First that you were able to see how God protected him and you, and then to see the object lesson that the Lord planted there for you. I love HIS own object lessons that He brings to us. Thank you for circling back to make sure that we could “see” the path of your walk too. May I pause my heart to see His protection over my life too. Love you dear Sister!

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    1. Oh thank you for your words, Bettie. I hadn’t considered how God showed me His protection of the bird, as I was so focused on the possibility of rescuing the poor little dangling creature. It is interesting. When my husband read this post, he had many questions. Than again, he is a police officer. “just the facts, ma’am”. Praying and praising Him this weekend, sister. You are covered. Love and hugs, Julie

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  4. What a joy to take a virtual walk with you, Julie! I really enjoy looking at your photographs and reading your thoughtful words. Their beauty and passionate appreciation of God’s creation are infectious. I also love the reassuring wisdom here: “I thought to myself, that’s what God wants of us. To rest in Him, not flap ourselves silly, trying, striving. To literally spread our arms in complete surrender as He carries, as He leads, as He upholds.” And it’s encouraging to be reminded of the spacious place of the soul God leads us into even when we’re housebound. As for the tiny, wounded bird you saw, perhaps God was revealing His tender love and protection for all who feel disoriented and grounded right now, especially the inner or outwardly wounded ones among us. Because we will spread our wings and fly again one day. We will soar in our spirit despite being bound to our homes for the foreseeable future. Love and (safe) grateful hugs! xo ❤️

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    1. Oh Joy such tender heavenly thoughts about the tiny bird. Both you and Bettie mentioned God’s protection. For this I am grateful because I had missed that on my walk. I am very thank-full to have sisters and brothers to “walk” with during this pandemic. I wouldn’t say I am lonely, but longing. I appreciate talking with you here and at your site too. And yes, hanging on the hope of spreading wings and flying, even if that means home with Him. Love and hugs right back to you, Julie

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