A Prayer to Lift the Lost

16 thoughts on “A Prayer to Lift the Lost”

  1. Amen. I’m lifting my prayers today, also. Stepping back from some things, to obey Him in resting and praying. I am so thankful that He is at work. Love you dear sister.

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  2. Ah, my heart is also heavy with grief, with the sadness that comes with sin and flesh and being human. I also rejoice in the very real and powerful presence of God Almighty! I’m in the midst of writing a post for tomorrow. God lead us.


    1. Kathy I hear you. My heart gets heavy at times. Our humanity can be downright ugly. Yes, when we seek Him, remember His blood covering our souls, and praise His name … our perspective shifts. Looking forward to reading the words He gives you, Kathy.

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  3. Thank you for your helpful, relatable prayer, Julie. Many, including me, are feeling rather lost, anxious and helpless during this pandemic. As an ex-nurse with a type ‘A’ driven personality, I long to do far more than I am capable of, almost as if by exerting a bit of control over something it will stop me feeling out of control as such. Yet I am having to rest, surrender, and still my troubled soul in God, as well as my weakened body and overactive brain, as best I can. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing at all but pray. Although it might just be the highest calling God is asking of me, of us, perhaps. May God give us wisdom and discernment enough to know how to proceed and what specific action, if any, He might be wanting us to take. Blessings and love. xo ❤

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    1. Joy these words “sometimes the hardest thing to do is do nothing at all but pray”. We are not alone in wanting to act. God in all His grace loves our hearts who cry out for others, and for ourselves. He is Our Father, Our Protector, who wants His children close to His chest. I join you in putting our lives in His hands, waiting for His lead. Blessings and much love to my dear sister.

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  4. Julie, I have been reading some of your earlier posts in May. My prayer life has become very focused on others affected by Covid. I think God wants me to widen my prayer circle to cover more people, even the ones I don’t even know. We are all sailing in the same storm, but not all of us face the same circumstances.

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    1. Praise God for how He has laid that on your heart. He loves that you are listening and obeying to widen your prayer circle. I encourage you to make notes to remember whom you are praying for and how He answers, if you are privy to that. Have a beautiful Tuesday, brother.


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