Are You Called to Write a Book, too?

18 thoughts on “Are You Called to Write a Book, too?”

  1. Yep, I’m right here with you. I have been mostly off then on with the revisions of my manuscript; ugh! I take courage from this post, and agree to pray through with you. Thank you for your prayers and sensitivity to what He has for you to do and to share. Blessings to you dear, Julie. ♥♥

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    1. Jacquie, I praise His all-knowingness. Truth be told, I didn’t want to write this post. I feel there are some I have met along the way who just don’t or wont believe I will ever write this first book. But God. Face your fears with Him, and He will lift you and connect you with others. I am thankful you shared this about your manuscript. Let’s pray for each other. What He wills in His purpose for His people will be completed, however He defines that. May God give you manna for today sister. Love in Christ, Julie

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      1. Thank you Julie, I am blessed and encouraged by your words. Linking in prayer is powerful and I am blessed to share in what God will do, and is doing on behalf of those who desire to be in His perfect will, and words. Peace, joy, and hope to you sister.

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  2. This is really encouraging for me. I know God told me to write about hope. He never said, a book, he never said be published, he never said anything about money. He told me to write about hope. He didn’t say stories, biographies, fiction or non-fiction. He has given me glimpses of all of that. In poetry, in personal experiences, in fictional stories, in songs. I even started a children’s book. He never said to me to use His exact words or quote Bible verses. I have done all of that. But His hope and who He is can be expressed in so many different ways. He doesn’t write His name across the sky, but His glory is expressed and revealed in the heavens, in the sun, moon and stars.
    So yes, I know to write. I am not dreaming bigger. How can I dream bigger than His plans for me? Why would I want to? I just want to be who He created me to be.
    I wait and listen and obey the best I can by His grace!

    I will pray as you write Julie. This is your time!! Enjoy it and be blessed in it!!
    I am 66 years old. He didn’t speak this to me until I was 60!

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    1. Love this Mary. Yes, dreams are folly unless He plants them. I cannot thank you enough for those prayers and the encouragement, dear Mary. For me this first book is another lesson in embracing the mess, that He won’t leave me, and in the process He will make something beautiful.

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  3. Write, girl, write! 😊 I feel your urge and your concerns.
    Yes, I have a book. I got this grand idea for a trilogy, perhaps even a series of four. I wrote the first one, edited, completed. I did some basic outlining and character sketches for all of them. Then a grinding halt. Nothing. I have no drive or desire to jump back into it, although the characters remain in my heart. We’ll see if the Lord wants me to do anything with it…

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  4. Yes, I am. I’ve been writing/editing it for YEARS… 😏

    I echo the 4 things + 1 = 5 [fear of hurting/offending others when I tell my story on paper].

    BUT, the Lord told me to write, so I shall persevere!!! 📓📝💻📚

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    1. Good afternoon, Jodi. So thankful to know I am not alone in this. I can understand #5. There may be some of that for me as well. Yes, when He tells, commands, leads, we listen, obey and follow. Adding you to my prayer list for the book completion. Love in Christ, Julie

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  5. Julie, I appreciate your candor about writing a book. You have allowed your journey with God to prepare the way. I know you will give him all the praise with each step you take.

    When I retired from teaching in 2018, I knew I needed to find a new calling. God’s light has led the way with my writing journey, and He has called me to write Christian poetry as part of my collection. I dream of publishing an anthology of selected poems and short stories. Like you, I have been waiting patiently. This will be in God’s hands.

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