How the Lord Healed the Pain of Losing My Mom

14 thoughts on “How the Lord Healed the Pain of Losing My Mom”

  1. Thank you, Julie. This met me this morning exactly when I needed the message and Scriptures. First Mother’s Day without my mom, being isolated, can’t see my children or grandchildren, furloughed from work since 2/26…being alone day after day… dreading tomorrow. Pouring over the Psalms this morning as God lifts my spirit. 🙏 Blessings,Konnie

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    1. Praising His holy sovereign name, Konnie! I know I sent you a text, but I am still in awe on how He lined this up so you would see it as you began another day alone in your home, on this particular weekend. May His presence be known and felt today as you seek Him. Love, Julie


  2. Praise God for the healing He is working in you. We are seated with Christ already, at the same time He is transforming our heart to be more like Him. It is a mystery, but so full of His goodness for us! Praying for you as you go forward in obedience with your book.

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    1. Dear Wendi, thank you so much for your kindness. It truly took most of my life to overcome. Then, God! Oh my I am soooo thank-full for my new chance at living life fully. I pray you have a peace-full Mothers Day dear sister.

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  3. Mother, or other loved one, grief and the healing process takes time. When your loved ones are “in Christ”, the grieving is no less painful. Notice I used the term “are” in that sentence, because if our loved ones were truly children of God, then they not died, they merely changed addresses. 🙂 The memories can be difficult, but when we remember where they are (those in Christ), then we can meet those memories with joyful anticipation of seeing them again and sharing the in the glory of heaven with them again soon. I imagine that with your own two boys, you’ve learned many of the lessons your mom did with her children. What a blessing that must be to share those together. God’s blessings; and Happy Mother’s Day Ms Julie.

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    1. Hi J.D. I prayed about how to respond to you. As I write this first book, and when you get to read it, it will tell of a lonely child who missed her mom even while living with her. I couldn’t and wouldn’t grieve her death because I was so conflicted about her emotional absence in my life. I have to work with God to remember good things about growing up. I will keep you posted about the book 🙂


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