When You Realize You are Just Holding it Together

32 thoughts on “When You Realize You are Just Holding it Together”

  1. So beautifully said, Julie. I will continue to pray for you over this area of healing.

    I’ve been struggling on Mother’s Day the past 3 years as my relationship with my mom is currently broken and wounded in so many ways. I keep reaching out to her with cards and letters in the mail, because she has blocked me from her life. The last few times I saw her at a family gathering, she wouldn’t speak to me. While she is the abuser, emotionally and verbally, she yells, “Victim!” I normally spend a large portion of this special days for moms and about moms crying. Yet, yesterday was a really blessed day and I continue to ask the Lord to heal my mom, our relationship, and that one day she can, as me, live loved by the Savior and walk in freedom.

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    1. Oh dear Karen, thank you for sharing. I will add you and your mom to my prayer list. With both of you still on this earth, there is such opportunity to come together in His light before you would be separated again. God sees your pursuit of her. He too is pursuing her. I will pray for her heart of stone to be transformed into a heart of flesh. I so appreciate you. I covet the prayers for me on this journey. I love Jesus, and He has never let me alone even when I have tried to do things on my own. Praise and glory to Him!

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  2. Sending you hugs and prayers. Oh yes, how much we need to fall at His feet, again & again, with every sorrow. I’m so grateful we can pray for each other on this journey. Love you, dear sister.

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  3. I loved this Julie! We lost our mom in 2014, just before Christmas. Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me. Blessings to you

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  4. Thank you for this beautifully written post, Julie. I appreciate the reminder here as I battle with my many mixed emotions: “ We are not commanded to keep our emotions under lock and key.” No, indeed. It’s healthier to acknowledge them and to safely vent. Jesus understands our hurting hearts. He weeps with us in every sorrow and sadness we might encounter. Sending healing prayers, love and hugs across the pond to you. Stay strong in Him, dear friend. His loving arms surround you every moment. xo 💜🙏🏻

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    1. Thanking Jesus for connecting us across His pond dear Joy. As we link arms in Him and His truth, we help each other remember His open arms, His showing us it is ok to weep. I used to do this holding it together more as habit. I thank Him for drawing me closer now I can see more clearly the truth vs. the lie. Thank you dear sister for those prayer and love and hugs. I am here in chilly Pa, going for a walk in His Sonshine, lifting you to Him, that He wave His hand and clear the way in your mind to be free today. Love, Julie

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  5. Your writing soothes my soul and my heart aches for your heartache. Thank you for encouraging us even when you need it. You are truly a kindred soul and the hands and feet of Jesus with a heart of gold. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💚❤️💕🤗🤗

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  6. I’m so glad you commented on BigSkyBuckeye so that I could glimpse your heart and want to get a bigger view. Finding your blog did not disappoint! It is what I expected: a breath of fresh air, a cart of compassion, an incredible source of inspiration. I’ll be back. Meantime, I hold you in prayer as I understand your sorrow at losing your mom, but also understand your comfort in faith. God bless You, Julie. ❤

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