Do You Believe the Impossible?

10 thoughts on “Do You Believe the Impossible?”

  1. That part of the verse in Ps 16 arrested me: “even at night my heart instructs me.” And then you spoke of your desire to learn even at night.
    I guess when our thoughts and intents are pure and God-filled, then He fills even our unconscious moments. That’s crazy blessed.


  2. Beautiful prayer and beautiful post! May I see my impossible as possible with God, my weakness as God’s strength, my despair as God’s hope, and my uncertainty as God’s answer to further trust in Him. May you have a blessed week.

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  3. Julie, this is such a passionate, powerful and inspiring post! Your zeal for the Lord burns through every scorching word you write. I love your honesty and your open prayer, especially the way it gently leads us to believe for the seemingly impossible to be made possible by our limitless God. Yes, unbelief surely does hold us back from receiving all that God delights to give to us as His beloved children. My faith for healing has wavered a lot over decades of having chronic illness. I think I’m settling more into a surrendered posture where I’m content to stay as I am if God so wills it or be healed to some extent or other if that is His intention. Although I think the interior work He needs to do in me might far outweigh the physical healing I crave from time to time! Blessings and love. xo ❤

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    1. Dearest Joy, so many things I want to say. But all I will say is I am praising His holy name for giving me these words, for drawing me closer yet and for healing my heart from my past and present. For we are not complete without sin or pain until He takes us home. Surrender is where He wants us in all our ways. God is so pleased with you, His chosen daughter. I thank Him for connecting us. I truly do not feel so alone in the blogging world anymore after He has brought you and some others into my prayerful heart. Love in Christ, Julie

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      1. Dearest Julie, I praise God, too, for you and the words He gives you to write. Although I may not be able to keep up with all your posts, I’m always greatly blessed by reading them. Your fire for God encourages my heart. I’m so grateful we have connected in the blogosphere and become friends. Your caring, compassionate, praying heart for others is such a gift. Many, including me, are greatly blessed by it. Love and hugs. xo 💜

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