Are We Humble?

14 thoughts on “Are We Humble?”

      1. God is pleased when we draw closer to him in humility. He is the potter, we are the clay. He knows how much we love him, and desire to please him. 😊

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  1. Julie, your discussion and choices of Scripture remind me we are created in God’s image. With the arrival of each day, may we kneel at a blood-stained Cross, humbling bringing our transgressions to our righteous Lord. Indeed, we need to leave judgement to God.

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  2. beautiful prayer Julie! I no longer watch tv and haven’t for almost 2 years………it has been a huge blessing – I miss a lot of all of the bad that is going on in the world. I hope you receive a blessing today. πŸ™‚ be well.

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  3. Amen!
    So thankful I am not in that judgement seat. So thankful that He is the One who humbles me each and every time I forget this too. Thank you for continuing to lean into His leading, Julie. Blessings always.

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    1. I join you in that thankfulness. Where would be if He allowed us to continue to drift? Humble me, Lord. Deandra, may His grace and mercy fall upon you sister this given day. May His shining Son disband any darkness creeping. Love in Christ,. Julie

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