When We Think Our Strength is Enough

8 thoughts on “When We Think Our Strength is Enough”

  1. It is, sadly, a daily struggle to put my flesh to death and lean on / trust in my Savior. As I grow old and as I (hopefully) mature, I find it seems to become even more difficult. How can this be? Perhaps it is because God is growing in me and I have more sense of what God looks like vs what I look like. When I was younger, it was easier to think that the good things I did were just fine because they were “good.” I have more understanding that all my “good” works are as filthy rags. Really, truly filthy rags, and I am ashamed. Thanks be to God Who lifts me away from those filthy rags to His Truth and Light.

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    1. Oh my Kathy! Sounds like He is working! Such sweetness in His cleaning us when we come to Him. Shame is of the devil. Don’t buy it. God allows some guilt as He convicts but there is no shame for anyone who is in Christ. All glory to He whose grace carries us. May He bless you and reassure you tonight, sister. I look forward to hearing more🥰🙏

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  2. Satan sure knows how to up my pride in the things “I” accomplish at work. I try not to be that way but I surely see who iam. Silently patty myself on the back, thinking look what I can still do at my age. Sometimes I will do things that harm my own self to fulfill what “I” can do. Lord help me to see what pride truly is in my life and help me to trust in you more. Once again Julie, God gave you a message for me. And iam truly thankful❤

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