Mountain Vacation Part 2: Quiet Strength

15 thoughts on “Mountain Vacation Part 2: Quiet Strength”

  1. Hey Roomie,

    I continue to be enthralled at the way God draws you in and speaks to you AND then calls and enables you to share your intimate interactions. Precious, Dear Sister. Precious.

    My call is similar, but of course the details are unique.

    Gloria in excelsis Deo.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your intimate moments with the Lord with us! Yes, I love that verse from Job, “… the life of every living thing is in HIS hand…” I pray also that I would learn to trust Him more completely in those thoughts, daily and moment by moment. Beautiful photos, Dear Julie! Blessings to you as you are back home now.

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    1. Oh dear Bettie, thank you for using what strength He gives you to read here and encourage me. You are a light. As I type, I am praying for His Spirit to overwhelm yours, leaving you no room for unbelief. You will hear His whisper in your soul, “I have never let go of you. You are mine.” Yes, Lord, we know You created Bettie for Yourself. Please, Lord, give Bettie relief from physical pain and medication side effects. Please Lord, in Your eternal grace, give my sister rest. In Jesus name, Amen

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  3. God has given so much to us in His nature, His creation! We have much to learn; I pray He continue to open our eyes to His gifts and how to use them.
    Thank you for sharing your God-filled retreat with us!

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  4. Julie, you captivate us here with your poetic prose and draw us into the holy ordinary with your own deep wonder, awe and curiosity. I love how you commune with nature at first light when the world is fresh with potential and all looks clean and bright. And how you observe God’s creatures close at hand, see and sense His loving Presence everywhere you can, while noticing the gentle imprints of His footsteps in your heart and all around. Thank you for sharing the stirring bible verses, your beautiful heart reflections and delightful images. I am always moved and refreshed in my spirit when I read your words, and intrigued to see where your desire to live in a mountainous area will take you! Blessings and love. xo ❤

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    1. Good morning dear Joy, I am opening to receive this beautiful encouragement. Sometimes God puts someone in our path who reflects not only Him but ourselves, for we cannot see ourselves as clearly as others. Thank you dear sister. May God bless you with less pain, more movement and His amazing presence. Love, Julie

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      1. Thank you, Julie, I happily receive those grace gifts! As I’m currently enduring horrible withdrawal symptoms due to an enforced reduction due to not receiving my meds on time, less pain and less suffering would be very welcome indeed. One of the items is still out of stock so my waiting period continues, unfortunately. But I trust that God will make a way when I completely run out. ❤️

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  5. Sister i will keep this med delivery in prayer. God will make the Way. Lord, You take care of the sparrows and the fish in the sea. Please Lord, deliver Your daughter the medicine You created swiftly. Do not delay, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen


  6. I couldn’t wait to read Part II. I love your descriptions of enjoying God’s creations in their environments; it was so beautifully written of how they were “designed” just perfect for their environments. I forget to lean on the confidence of how I’m designed to outrun the enemy. Thank you for these reminders. God bless you! On another note, I want to run to the mountains. Eventually I will live there too! xoxo love, hugs, peace, and blessings! Karla

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