In This Heat, Plant Your Feet

10 thoughts on “In This Heat, Plant Your Feet”

  1. Thanks, Julie. This is very refreshing.
    I have a feeling that many of us are feeling spiritually ‘dry’ these days.
    Thanks for sharing the verse from Isaiah.
    The class you are taking sounds interesting. 🌷🤗

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    1. Good morning, Sally. Thank you, Jesus, for meeting my sister here, giving her refreshment. This class is no doubt a challenge for me. I look forward to completing two assigned papers this week. I have told myself that one of my rewards will be catching up on reading yours and other blogs 🙂 En-JOY the day He made.

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    1. I join you in the morning time to commune with Him. The boys and I watch the small birds and bunnies and chippies out the back window when it gets too hot out. Tomorrow, we hope to go as a family to an area lake to cool off in the water!


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