Reaching Deep

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  1. Great post Julie. Like you I had no mentor in the faith. Went to Bible college, met some nice folk but still in the system of religion. Went to many churches but only met people who talked about God and never left everything to follow Him. And so it went.

    When God called our family to the wilderness there were no pioneers to follow, no mentors or guides. It was just us 4, alone, going through homelessness, poverty and persecution as we followed Jesus. We endured the wilderness not by following a mere man but by following God. No mentor showed us how to do that so we had to learn without one.

    The Bible says that no student is greater than their teacher. This is so true. How could we have given up everything to follow Jesus by being mentored by a person who hadn’t done that? We have never met anyone who has given up literally everything to follow God so how could they have mentored us. Yet Jesus is no ordinary person and as a teacher teaches us all we need to know.

    Yes, man has learned many things they can teach us but the real walk of faith can not be taught, it must be lived. No mentor can take you through the valley of faith, it is too hard, only Jesus can. I can say, however, that I believe our lives are now an example to those that may follow. Too few will but at least we know someone who has given up all to follow Him now.

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    1. Thank you so much Homer. Well-said. What I see in the church are people newer in the faith, couples with one spouse newly baptized who could benefit greatly from a faith mentor. The father of this world is competing for souls. May Jesus use your lives and mine for His glory as He continues to strengthen His Kingdom. May God Almighty bless you and your wife this given evening. In Christ, Julie

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  2. That is a difficult question indeed Ms. Julie. In my “biological” life, that period when I was with a semi-biological family (half-siblings, same birth mother), my view of church and God were very skewed by the things they said and did. After my adoption at 14, God brought a godly mother and dad, and siblings, into my life who demonstrated a very different God and Christian lifestyle. I have to credit my dad with being my Christian mentor. He not only modeled how to be a Christian businessperson, but how to be a man. I thank God each day for my “Forever” family.

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    1. Good morning, J.D. First, thank you for prayers as I move through this stress to get to the victory. Secondly, thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. As with you, me, Homer and many others, God provides His direction in our lives, and we have the choice to heed it. Then, how beautiful the way He places people to lead and teach us as we journey on the narrow path. May God bless you and your wife and your farm life today. Love in Christ, Julie


  3. I love what Homer said. It is so true. It’s not that we don’t need teachers or accountability, but our moment to moment teaching is from the Holy Spirit, the anointing that is within us. From that reservoir, we give to others, each of us building the body in love. I think many in our generation have been those pioneers as Homer said.
    I’m so excited that you are going to Divinity School, Julie. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to grow. As I read I was thinking about the tests and challenges that await you. Remember the fire you feel now and don’t let the enemy put it out. Wow. God bless you.
    PS, I wanted to put a like on Homer’s response, but the process seemed complicated.
    Love you!

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    1. Praise God, Patti! Iron sharpens Iron right here among us. Yes, Lord to anointing and Holy Spirit, thank you Lord for ears I can discern the Spirit in me. Patti, thank you for the encouragement and warning as I walk deeper with the Lord. He is faithful and is bringing prayer warriors around me. Love you too. En-JOY the given day.


  4. Oh Dear Julie, I am so humbled that you would include me as a mentor in your life, as I feel I am only loving you and praying for you as God leads, (and I am so thankful for your praying for me too!) But I guess that is what He asks of us as we share our stories and pray over the ones God puts on our hearts. I remember hearing Elisabeth Elliot tell how some of her dearest mentors were ones that she read their stories but never met, such as Amy Carmichael. And so I read their stories too, and others like them, never knowing how God would bring back their words to encourage me in my own place of testing now too. Truly He knows how to bring just the right words in our loneliest times, whether we are “alone” or in the most “crowded” places of life. I am so thankful for the ways that God is leading you, and your family too, in this season of life. HE has beautiful places for you as you go forward. Love and Prayers!

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    1. Bettie, thank you for sharing how Elisabeth Elliot described being mentored through authors she had never met. It helps to expand the idea, take it out of the box, and look creatively at how God orchestrates mentoring for each of us. En-JOY this given day dear Bettie. I pray a blessing over you this moment. Love, Julie

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