When Stress Surrounds, His Grace Abounds

23 thoughts on “When Stress Surrounds, His Grace Abounds”

  1. Beautiful thank you for sharing your journey. Please pray for Victoria who had gone through surgery at this moment she is in a lot of pain, and emotional it breaks my heart to see her this way, but I do know that God is carrying her through all of her pain.By the way Victoria did graduate from Liberty University on line two years ago.

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    1. Oh thank you for letting me know all of this dear Eileen. Yes keeping your daughter in prayer, praying too for you to have spiritual strength to encourage Victoria during this difficult time. I may have some questions for her down the line 🙂


  2. Praise God for His beautiful grace. He does call us to lay our stress down at His feet. And what precious gifts He gave you! Praise Him for the work He is doing in your sons also. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to keep focusing on HIM. love & prayers for you, Dear sister!

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    1. Dear Bettie I want you to know the perfect timing of your snail mail. It waited on the table all day while I was at class Saturday. I got back about 5:30p, mentally exhausted knowing I had to preach in the morning. Your hand-written note refreshed my soul sister, help me (again) lay the burden I felt down as He gave me rest. Thank you so much for all you do to serve Our Mighty Gracious God Bettie. Your crown is waiting for you sister.

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      1. Oh, God’s ways are always so right! Thank the Lord that He knew exactly the gift that He wanted to give you. Thank you for blessing me with your words here, Julie. He is so good to us. xoxo

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  3. Julie, what an encouragement you are to us! First, I understand the need for media de-tox. I made a decision to leave Facebook 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t looked back. The peace of our Father does transcend any understanding of our minds. And your precious boys are leaning on that faith. I’m so proud of you and your testimony. The Oswald Chambers quote sums it up too. I’ve been working so many days that I’m struggling with focusing on writing. Yet, a huge decision was laid out before me~only after hearing whispers from God in his nature sanctuary. I can’t wait to share it with you. I’m thinking and praying for you daily my friend. I love you sister! Keep shining for Christ!

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    1. Good morning Karla, praise God for He continues His good work in us and gives us great blessing when we stay in the struggle. I look forward to how heaven is leading you sister. He has blessed your pen, your words are like song. Thank you for prayers. Karla, I appreciate you! Love and sending non-Covid hugs your way, Julie

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  4. It’s encouraging to read about the ways God has been at work recently in you and your family’s lives! I love that your son is praying and knowing God with him in the challenges he’s facing. And yes, sometimes we need to realise what is causing us stress or distraction and be willing to step aside from that for a while. I’m glad you saw blessings as you did that.

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    1. Hi Lesley, I am thankful to know He encouraged you here. Yes, His grace is more abundant than we can ever imagine! How wonderful He is to wrap us up in times of stress. May God bless you and your writing in these coming days. Love in Christ, Julie

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  5. Oh Julie, this is such an inspirational and timely post! Stress has rather overwhelmed me of late and added to my usual depletion and fatigue. I feel wrung out and battle weary because decisions need to be made at a time when I can barely think straight. But after reading this, and sensing the actions I need to take, I feel calmer and more at peace. Bless you, dear sister, for your faithful ministry here and elsewhere. God is definitely working through you to help, inspire, and encourage others! Love in Him. xo ❤

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    1. oh Lord, thank you for speaking into Joy’s indecision and stress here. Lord, I ask that you not only lift Joy’s eyes to meet yours, but I ask boldly for You to deliver wisdom and peace and prosperity, not in riches, but of Your Spirit to her weary soul. Love to you sister and to Jesus, Julie

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  6. Thank you, dear Julie, I gratefully accept these requested grace gifts that will truly help and bless. May you, as the bringer of hope and comfort through your words and prayers, be mightily blessed with an abundance of mature spiritual fruit and the riches of God’s counsel and companionship as you willingly bear the burdens of others in your role as an intercessory prayer warrior, supportive sister, and minister of God’s great Hope, Light and Truth. Keep on shining, my friend! ❤

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