Beach in the Storms: Part 1

17 thoughts on “Beach in the Storms: Part 1”

  1. I think it was a great idea to “…surrender, [and sit] on the porch and storm-watch…” I think I would have done the same thing. I hope the weather cooperates and the rest of your stay is sunny and bright. ❀

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  2. We are getting a thunderstorm here in Wisconsin tonight, even as I am reading your words! Truly God’s presence does thunder above and around us. I love this expression He gave you, and especially this: “May God Almighty meet you in those empty, hidden places.” So often His is the still, small voice after the storm, just as it was when He met Moses. I pray that I will listen. Thank you for sharing this, dear Julie!

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    1. Bettie, only God would draw you to this post while heaven thundered! I pray He spoke to those places in you sister. I am not familiar with the passage you are referring to about how He spoke to Moses after the storm, or maybe I ma forgetting. Would you be so kind to give me the Scripture passage for that? May God bless you with a supernatural lifting of weight, of pain, of tension you are carrying in your body. Love, Julie


      1. Oh Julie, I am so sorry, I got mixed up, because I was thinking about the Mountain of God, and His appearing to Moses and Elijah both. It is specifically Elijah, in 1 Kings 19 that God came to him in the still, small voice. He came in the cloud to Moses. πŸ™‚ thank you for catching that! ❀❀

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  3. Here in the UK we’re expecting storms to hit over the next few days. All our hot weather tends to end like this, with crack, bang and flash from heaven, and with a refreshing fall of rain to saturate parched ground. My body can feel like that, wilted and depleted after days of heatwave without end. Thankfully, God offers us all soul refreshment when we turn to Him. I’m encouraged by your words here: “May God Almighty meet you in those empty, hidden places.” That’s exactly where many of us are situated right now, feeling invisible, and needing the reassurance of being seen and being known as we wait, while we quietly grow ever-dependent on our God. Thank you, Julie. I look forward to reading part two and the fresh insights you have to share! Bless you for faithfully recording your days and walk of faith to help lift, inform and inspire us. x ❀

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    1. “a refreshing fall of rain to saturate parched ground” … Joy your words describe His blessings when we are alone in need of reassurance. I keep you in prayer, been talking with Him about your body temperature. So thankful for how He leads me to record my days. I never know how He will use the words. I just trust He will. I receive this blessing. Right now, I am thanking Jesus for meeting you right here. Love and hugs across the stormy pond, Julie

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    1. Soooo true, brother. Carried away from the life that is hard, the bills, the stress. Thank you Jesus for being Our peace in the midst of struggles whatever they may be. Richard I enjoy hearing your perspective. I hope to get caught up on your blog soon. My life just got more busy, but praying I listen as He orders my steps.


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