Beach in the Storms: Part 2

6 thoughts on “Beach in the Storms: Part 2”

  1. WOW!!! What a gracious and merciful God we serve – yes, powerful and just, etc.

    Thank you, Roomie. Your overflowing heart blesses my soul yet again. ❤


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  2. The few times I have been to the ocean, I have felt a powerful presence of God. There it is: a visible representation of His power and might and love: after all, He controls all that, just for us. There, my soul moves with the waves and absorbs His very presence.
    What a mighty blessing for God to bring all of you together for those days.
    And – wow! – amazing sand sculptures!

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  3. Amazing! My wife and I visited Ocean City last September after attending her younger brother’s wedding in Cambridge. We saw similar sand sculptures as you show in this post. I think one of them is detailed in my gallery. It is a blessing to see God moving others to raise up our Lord with love and praise, even on the beach of Ocean City.

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