New Life: Part 1

12 thoughts on “New Life: Part 1”

  1. What a sweet story of God’s blessings during a daunting time of waiting. From the helpless babes to insects to flavored sugar, God uses all things to get our attention and work His word and promises into our life. Thank the Lord for negative results!
    God gave me hummingbirds this year, visiting every day, all day long. When no one comes to visit and home is hard, God knows how to send wings of joy.

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    1. Thank you so much for being here with me, Mary. And thank you for sharing how God is meeting you. I know this has been a difficult season. Thank You, Lord, for hummingbirds! Have a beauty-full Thursday sister.


  2. Praise God! I love the reminders that God sends our way! Some of them are pretty blatant–like a Praying Mantis on the day that you were praying so much! He is so very faithful to us. Love you, dear sister!

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  3. Julie, I praise the Lord for how you tie in what is happening in your life and your family’s lives, with what the Lord is teaching you. He uses everything around us to bring us closer to Him. We do need to keep our eyes fresh by spending time with the King. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Lori

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  4. Oh, praise God for a swift negative test result! What a relief! And for opening your eyes to His tender, overseeing care of all creatures great and small. Julie, I love how adept you are at weaving your life events with HIS story of revelation, wonder and grace. So inspiring and encouraging, reminding us to keep our own eyes peeled for His hand at work and His footsteps in our hearts. Thank you, dear sister! You are such a blessing. xo ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for rejoicing that negative test with me, Joy! It was a tenuous week of trusting and laying down my will to accept His. But oh the ways He pursues us! Thanking Him for leading me to this post. I know no other way to write but with Him and in Him, Thanking Jesus for going right to your heart with whatever it is you received here, dear sister. All glory to God! Love, Julie

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  5. God uses nature to remind us of His steady presence. Despite this pandemic, God’s creation continues to thrive in so many other ways. I can appreciate Jason’s fascinating with a praying mantis. Last summer, I discovered one resting on the door of my car in the bright sunlight. Amazing!

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    1. Wow! I never realized how rare the praying mantis was until Jason and now you mentioned it. It truly was an amazing sight. God speaks to me through His creation often. I imagine it is the same for you too, Richard?


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