How Do I Thank God for 4 Years of Blogging?

20 thoughts on “How Do I Thank God for 4 Years of Blogging?”

  1. Ms. Julie. Congratulations on your anniversary ma’am. I don’t think you have to thank God for the platform He’s given you ma’am; you honor and glorify Him with each post my young friend. The words you write are seeds that are scattered among your many readers. As “spiritual farmers” we can’t always know the “soil” that we sow into, but our job is not to bring the rain or reap the harvest, but to keep planting in each season my friend. I for one have thanked God already for many of your messages of inspiration and encouragement. Stay in the fight young lady, the victory is already won! God’s blessings.

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    1. J.D., wow! This is a blessing straight from heaven through you. I receive this confirmation of being a “spiritual farmer” (love that) and that we can’t always know. But oh when I know He has used me, I thank Him over and over. It is both humbling and an amazing blessing to be a vessel for Our Lord and Savior. Yes, I will stay in the fight. I expect to see you right beside me with your spiritual farming “equipment”. God bless you and your wife, Julie


  2. Praise to God for a beautiful 4 years! What a joy to celebrate! I am so thankful our paths crossed, actually I think it was 1st on Instagram, where I began reading your poetry! May the Lord continue His unveiling and transforming work in each of us! Blessings, love, and hugs to you Dear friend!

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    1. Hi Bettie! I praise His name right beside you, sister. Just as I thank Him, too, for connecting us. Such Spirit-led encouragement and prayers from you have helped me more than you may know. Love to you today Bettie on this blessed given day, Julie

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  3. Julie, Happy Anniversary on your fourth year of blogging! Your words and how you share God’s Word touch lives and make a difference. March onward in your blogging as a soldier called to the frontlines to shed light on the darkness.

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  4. Julie, your journey here has been a blessing to you as well as anyone who drops by. Ironically, I have been using Oswald’s book as one of my devotionals. I was looking for something with a bit more grit and depth, and his writings definitely take me to a place filled with deeper thought. God’s peace!

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  5. Julie, we started our blogging journey the same year. My anniversary was in June. God has been faithful through our hills and valleys and has allowed us to share his faithfulness with the world. I haven’t been as faithful to him, blogging inconsistently and holding back what he has urged me to share or opening my big mouth when I should have remained moot. Yet, He is good. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us this next year. Be blessed my dear sister. Happy Blogging Anniversary!

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    1. Oh sister! His grace upon grace! My new motto is one step at a time, one prayer at a time 🙂 Thank you for rejoicing His goodness with me. And I am thrilled to write beside you in and for His Kingdom. I look forward with you to seeing His work come alive this next year! May He bless you abundantly today, dear sister.


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