When an Open Door is Not His Will

12 thoughts on “When an Open Door is Not His Will”

  1. Oh, Julie, thank you for your honesty here. There have been those seasons in my life as well. I think of when my book got published and I was so sure of the promoting path ahead, only to find it was not the experience I had envisioned. It was disconcerting to realize though I love to write, it was not for me to sell it. Not just that I was shy or overly modest, but literally that it felt…wrong. My lack of measurable worldly success was humiliating yet I just could not bring myself to keep up the expected path of constant social media presence, pursuing a speaking schedule, etc. I prayed and felt God to tell me to let go. I baffled a lot of my loved ones when I told them I felt God directing me to pull back from promoting and cease blogging for a time. It’s only been a little over a year since I picked up writing again-and this time, completely without any agenda except to lift His name high. And, still, He is bringing folks to read my words and hopefully be encouraged. So, all that spiel to say, He has His way of directing our course. Blessedly. Prayers as He guides you through these shifts. May He indeed show you the whys of these changes and use this time to work through you and bring it all together for His good. Blessings and prayers to you! ❤

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Marisa. His ways are SO much higher than ours. I truly appreciate hearing this story. Your baffled family reminded me of my husband’s reaction. But God. In all His mercy, He just doesn’t let us go even when we know He wants us to let something go. What is the title of your book? I would love to check it out! Love in Christ, Julie

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  2. Amen. So true. Thankful His ways are higher than ours! He always knows best! Ooh, my book title is… pretty long. Get ready 😉 .

    Broken Cookies Just as Sweet:The Amazing Grace of Motherhood, Marriage, and Miracles on the Spectrum by Marisa Ulrich. I think it’s still on Amazon and some other places. I would love you to check it out as it’s full of testimony to His goodness. 🙂

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  3. Wow Julie, once again your thoughts confirm my thoughts. This morning, yes this morning, in prayer, I heard, “My timing is perfect.” Even though I have probably walked through many,many open doors without true guidance from the Lord, He is faithful!!! Waiting, waiting, waiting, and listening every day. His thoughts toward His people never change! Look how He loves Israel despite their disobedience and willful hearts. I am always on the threshing floor like Ruth, thanking Him for His mercy, knowing Him in His mercy, and ever seeking His mercy. 1 Jn 3:1 is one of my verses of meditation this week.

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  4. Oh Dear Julie,
    Thank you for sharing your honest heart with us. HE is so great when we surrender in our weaknesses. He continues to speak that to me again and again. “For You, God, tested us; You refined us like silver.” There is no shame in the testing, because He is always teaching us. I have listened to that loud voice too often also, when the still, small voice remains waiting for me to turn. Oh, but I am so thankful for His gracious love towards us! You remain in my prayers, dear sister. Blessings and love to you as you keep waiting and walking with Him.

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    1. Thank you dear sister. You sharing your times of learning helps me know I am not alone. I have felt a strong spiritual connection with you grow even stronger. Thank you for being a safe go to sister. Thank you for praying me through this transition time while I pray for God to gently bring you into the most spacious place of freedom for your soul. Love, Julie

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