His Rain

8 thoughts on “His Rain”

  1. I love watching the sky for rain or hearing it cascade over the the treetops as it races toward the house. The smell of it just before it begins to fall. The sound of it dripping off the roof. And the sweetness of it drenching my thirsty soul. 💗

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  2. Thank you for your beautiful words. God is the rain and He provides the nourishment and strength we need at just the right time. I am joining you in prayer for the broken, the divided, the poor, the lost, and the lonely. May they all receive the nourishment of God.

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    1. Good morning, Mary. Yes, Lord, hear our prayers! Send the Spirit to the poor at heart! Lord, our world needs You, to know Your truth before it’s too late. Thank You in advance for Your work in our collective hearts. And dear Mary, I saw your comment to me on your blog. Here’s what I know. I am taking a plane ride to see my brother in Atlanta in October. It would be a perfect time to read your book. Is it available yet on Amazon?


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