A Surgery and His Slow Motion Time

11 thoughts on “A Surgery and His Slow Motion Time”

  1. I’m glad you found your voice and were able to provide the reassurance and comfort Braedon needed. Enjoy you break from blogging. Have a Happy Labor Day weekend. Prayers for continued slow motion time… it moves too quickly, too fast, too often. We all need to slow down… especially when our children are still young and at home with us. Precious days – memorable years. Enjoy!

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  2. Oh yes, I have experienced that same slow-motion feeling of time pausing. Thank God that He spoke those words of leading to you, and that you were able to love on Braedon. Truly we just never know when God will step into the very middle of our days. I pray now that your time of blogging break will be filled with His rest and leading. Blessings and love to you dear sister.

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  3. Yup, the Lord has perfect timing for all things. What jumped out at me is “Sometimes balancing our trust in the Lord and our part here on earth is tricky.”
    I cannot say everything I want to yet. It is not time. I am writing it down though for when it is time. I can tell you that God did something huge in me last week, 1 week ago today, in fact. Now the “tricky” part.
    I just ended today the last Bible study and now I am on a break from them. God’s orders!!!! I’m on overload!
    Since then, this morning, I feel like a fish out of water. Trust and obey, like the hymn says, there’s no other way! Okay, but obey how!
    God is slowing things down, slowing me down, and I have to trust it will produce peace.

    I’m glad Braedon is doing better. I watched my son through appendicitis and kidney stones. As serious as each one was, I came away with some funny stories. God always adds humor, with me anyways.
    Nothing worse than watching your loved ones in pain and you are powerless to help them.
    I will still be writing some poetry and possibly blog stuff, although that is slowing down also.
    We can pray for each other to yes, have major breakthroughs, and hear His voice clearer for the battle ahead.

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    1. Good morning, Mary. I am expectantly praying and waiting for God to give you the green light to reveal! It is exciting. All the more, yes it is hard to slow down. It is hard to be still. It is hard to obey those things when we are used to motion. I need to focus on the amazing class I am taking Designed to Disciple and some other things like finishing the book! Let’s keep praying. Yes I stand with you, Mary, as His children asking His will be done in our little lives. Have a beauty-full day. Love, Julie


  4. Thank you for sharing Braedon’s wisdom teeth removal surgery. I am glad God prompted you to stay near your son throughout the night. I remember when my youngest had his wisdom teeth removed. He struggled but we made it through.

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  5. Ah, I remember similar times, especially as a mama. God is so good to us, keeping us in all situations! I see I am late to reading this, but hoping all is well and praying that you are finding your time away a refreshing in the Lord.


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