When God Swiftly Gives You a 2021 Word

16 thoughts on “When God Swiftly Gives You a 2021 Word”

  1. Oh I love this! And I love how God speaks to each one differently. I heard a message on Sunday about Simeon and Anna. I never heard (or don’t remember) a message on them. They were both advanced in age. They waited for Gods timing. They had great experience over the years to pray, to learn to hear God’s voice. When the Savior child was brought to the temple, they knew exactly what to say and how to say it. Isn’t it wonderful Gods timing is perfect. I think of all the years I wasted, and then think, no, they are years of waiting, praying, learning, enduring and believing. God is never late!!! Your book is not late!!
    My word is still hope, but my verse is Hebrews 4:12. I DID NOT CHOOSE IT!! I never would. GOD has made it very clear to me!!
    Follow what the Spirit of Christ tells you to do, as He gives you the courage each step of the way!
    I wil be praying for you and for Brandon!!!

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  2. I love how He just speaks through you and you know that it is Him, His word you hear! It’s so important to trust and know He is with us and guiding us at all times. The word “HOPE” keeps coming to mind, perhaps that is my word for the year, or maybe He has something else in mind for me to focus on. I trust in Him and His plans. God Bless!

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  3. Julie, your words touch my heart. COURAGE. Braedon, I’m praying along with you and your Mom. I had to lace up my soul straps this year and be courageous. I was SO NERVOUS about beginning a blog. After suffering from a TBI and cognitive impairment; coupled with leaving a career in educational administration in which I put my whole heart and soul, I never thought I’d put myself in a place to be OUT HERE. Like Joshua, GOD WILL provide us the strength to do his will. The prayer you wrote Julie–it’s what my heart feels. I’m praying for you for your book. I will enCOURAGE you the entire way! I’m rooting you on in Christ’s love and grit! One day I hope to be an author. And I’ve been given this vision of kids’ books. He spoke so loudly that I sold my RV (for various reasons) so I can take care of family and WRITE MORE! You are blessed and anointed my sister. Seminary will be better with you a part because God is putting you there with so many others who are heeding his call. You’re a blessing my friend. May God be with you all as you continue the work for him. Love in Christ❤🙏❣

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    1. OH! Wow, Karla! You inspire me to lay all down and follow Him wholly. Keep that vision, ponder it and write as He leads. He will bring it to pass. Thank you so very much for coming alongside me and my son with enCOURAGEment and prayers. I will keep you posted. I sense an urgency to complete the book and move it forward to the world. May God lead and direct you, sister, may His Word be a lamp unto your feet. Love in Christ, Julie

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  4. Thank you for your authenticity. I’m confirming my word and when it’s final I’ll share too. May our gracious God bless us both in our speaking and writing. Amen

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  5. Courage is definitely a trait God reminds us of in Joshua 1:9 and many other places in Scripture. Courage feeds our need to persevere in faith today for tomorrow’s hope. In the coming year, I am reminded by a phrase found on my wife’s art project from months ago. We posted it on a wall where it is visible to us each day. The words read, “There is always something to be thankful for.” I need to never lose sight of the blessings received each day. Julie, I can feel the blessings of God’s love in your journey. His hope, peace, joy, and love will light the way for you and your family.

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    1. Richard, we all need those words on our frig. I usually will text whatever meme I make for social media to my guys (husband and sons). The visual reminders are helpful especially in an hyperinformation world. I am holding on to your words of encouragement that love will light the way for me and my family. Such a gift in Jesus. May He hold you and your wife as you step fresh into 2021.


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