Full Brain Syndrome-Revisited

13 thoughts on “Full Brain Syndrome-Revisited”

  1. When prayer needs double-Dibble, I do try to “keep up.” But when it ultimately affects my mood and my mood affects my behavior, I have to recall explicitly that in all things I am to give glory and thanks to God. I make every attempt to settle myself and do so. Sometimes, praying unceasingly calls me to cease doing and just be present.
    Great reminder. Thank you Julie.

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    1. Love this from what you said Tim “Sometimes praying unceasingly calls me to cease doing and just be present”. This is something I work on every day, though this recent bout of overwhelmed thoughts threw me. Thank you for reading and for sharing here. #ironsharpensiron

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    1. Oh Roomie! Truth be told, this was a message I would rather have kept for myself. However, that is not how the Kingdom of God works. When we are given wisdom from above, it is not for us alone. I know you walk this out in your calling as I pray I do, too. May God bless you today in ways you least expect, Sandra.


  2. God has been working a similar work in me, recently. All the news, the goings-on, the lies; not to mention all the issues happening in my own little world (church drama, serious health issues of friends, etc). I found myself becoming easily angered at the lies I see, at the evil running rampant, at the hearts that do not fully follow Jesus.
    God is showing me, in miraculous ways, that it’s not my concern. He’s got this. Yes, He’s aware of all that is going on, the evil and the good. He is in control. My job is obedience: obedience in prayer, meditation, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, speech, facial expressions.
    I am becoming more able to view whatever is happening from a wider perspective, praying always for God’s perspective. I think that’s wisdom, another thing I pray for continually.
    I have more peace and joy, knowing God’s got this, and God’s got me.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Kathy. Truly it helps me to know I am not alone. It is frightening how quickly we can get drawn away from Him. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us wisdom that will stand the test of any opposition and sustain us through eternity. Yes, our home needs more peace and more joy, trying to gently remind the guys we cannot fix others, only follow the One who can.

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  3. Oh yes, He continues to ask me to still and to wait with Him. Just this morning He spoke through a devotional that pointed to a Scripture I am very familiar with, one that many people have gifted me with over the years. But He brought it into a fresh conviction–I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And while that verse makes no sense to me in the natural, with what I can see, yet God knew where I would be in this season. When I pause and listen to HIS Word, then He holds me in His truth. Even when the waves keep crashing, His voice speaks that He is doing all things well, right here. Thank you for sharing from your heart dear Julie, the precious words that the Lord brought to you.

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    1. Bettie thank you for sharing that His Word fell fresh upon you. I pray more of His children will seek Him in Scripture, not merely memorize and reiterate. Love how you said “He holds me in His truth”. Beautiful and true. It is a comfort to know you were here, sister, listening to my heart and His. Love, Julie

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  4. It’s an ongoing battle, Julie. I’m helped by taking Scripture seriously, and prayerfully standing on His Word , noting what it says about who I am in Christ rather than yielding to the enemy’s lies. Remembrance of God’s faithfulness in the past helps build my faith for the present, as does making time to still my soul each day to listen for His voice. It might bring conviction and comfort alike, but it will always leave me feeling heard and understood even when I can’t understand myself. The old self life takes a bit of a beating now and then but it still refuses to curl up and die! We’re all works in progress who often fail to see or sense how far we’ve come or how much we have grown. Hang in there, friend. Love, hugs, and prayers. ❤️🙏🏻


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