His Glory at the Lake: From Expecting to Expectant

21 thoughts on “His Glory at the Lake: From Expecting to Expectant”

    1. Had a rough morning of self-pity! Thanks for sharing, it really helped bring my thoughts into perspective❣️ Hope your day is filled with wonder❣️

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      1. Oh I shouldn’t be surprised, Kris, but His timing for bringing you here was prefect in only the way He can do. Thank you for reading. I thank Jesus for speaking to you here 🙂


    1. Oh dear sister. I thank Jesus for all this. Truly, if Jason and I left after only spending a couple minutes at the frozen lake, we would have missed so much of Him. Yes, may it bless others and draw all of His to His arms no matter what.


  1. “What if we had begun our trip seeking God?”…my friend, this post hit me straight in the heart. I have an overwhelming sadness of people with icy hearts too. You have such a beautiful way with words, Julie. I’m aching for a hike. Yet, I know Jesus walks with me everyday. What a beautiful walk with our Savior you had today. . And you and Jason look so content and peaceful after your time together and with the Great Outdoors made by the ONE and only. Love and hugs my friend. ❣🙏

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    1. What a blessing to know you walked with me, Karla! That our hearts pray together for those with icy, bitter souls, that we appreciate winter’s beauty created by God, that we also move from selfish expectations to seeking, expectant hearts. Thank you, my friend. Love you, too.

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  2. Beautiful! We spent many years in Minnesota, so I have many memories of walking in the winter woods. Thank you for stirring those memories in my heart. I felt His glory and praise as you shared your story, and I praised HIM along with you!

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    1. Dearest Bettie, thank you for joining me in praising Our Lord who reveals Himself in such subtle and such creative ways. The winter woods, lakes and streams have their own offerings, as each of us do at different seasons of our lives. Praying for you and Barry as I type here this morning. Love, Julie

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