Hope Grows

14 thoughts on “Hope Grows”

  1. Julie, I will be praying for Bredon. Thank you for sharing your heart and your beautiful pictures. God is listening and working in our lives. You can tell by the half sun that he gave you on the wall. He still does miracles!
    Much love in Jesus, Lori

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  2. My sister, I’m joining you and so many others in prayer for your precious Braedon. Will you please tell him that, although I don’t know him, I love him. I’m proud of him for sharing his feelings. I’ve gone through a season of depression ~as did my youngest son. There is hope, as you do beautifully share. I trust that God will bring him through this season. And all of you. God, please hear and see our requests for this precious young man. We serve a mighty God who works mighty miracles. And opening up is a wonderful way to meet him I’m the midst of his mightiness🙏🏻💚❤️💕♥️❣️ love and prayers. Xoxo

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    1. Dear Karla, I am so thankful for the outpouring of love here, from you and others. Thank you sister. Yes, Lord, I join the chorus of Your saints, please lift our Braedon from the pit, shine Your healing light, and wrap him in Your beautiful love. In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

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  3. Hope has been a treasured commodity for this past year. All of us have felt the waves battering our safe harbor. Young people such as Braedon and my older grandchildren have been dealing with a world so far removed from their “normal.” God’s grace and peace shall light the way.

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