Waiting in Winter

12 thoughts on “Waiting in Winter”

  1. Julie, I loved this post — the words, the pictures, and the heart of a loving mama are all beautiful. I’ll be praying for Jackson’s surgery next week. I’m so thankful that healing is on the way!

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    1. Good evening dear Cathy, Thank you for your feedback and for those prayers! We just meet with surgeon next week. We expect surgery to happen in March. The surgery will require removing dead bone and cartilage from Jackson’s knee and replacing it with Bone and cartilage samples from a certified Bone Bank. So I would love it if you joined in the Perfect Match Prayer. Science says there is a bout 5% chance Jackson’s body will reject it. I am looking to our Infinite God to do the match.

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  2. This is beautiful! I love winter but miss being in the mountains for it. I hope the puppy is a match! Bless you! KC

    On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 2:44 PM Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author wrote:

    > juliedibblewrites posted: ” We all wait during the winter, don’t we? We > wait for color to pop during our ‘I spy with my little eye’ walks. We wait > for daylight to stretch longer. As we wait, we place our hope in the One > who never changes. Jesus k” >

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  3. Dear Julie,
    Oh, I will keep praying for your dear Jackson, and his appointment to discuss the surgery. Barry also meets with his surgeon next week to discuss when to have his heart valve replacement surgery, along with results from other heavy tests. Our God is so faithful in all of this waiting. May HE shower you all with such joy and blessing as you meet your possible Family-Puppy. xoxo

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    1. Thank you dear Bettie. Our new puppy has helped Jackson’s mood. May I ask for Perfect Match prayers, that Jackson’s body receive the bone and cartilage they will implant? And I will keep Barry in my prayers too. But how are you after the recent ablation?

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      1. Oh, yes, I will pray for God to bring that perfect match & healing, and such wisdom for the whole surgical care team. My ablation is beginning to heal, Praise God! but I’ve had some flares this week as I had a long appointment with possible new diagnoses with upcoming tests too. Thank you so much for your prayers dear Julie!


  4. Dear Julie, your post touched my heart. You, Jackson, and your entire family have been in my mind and heart. I think of you often and wish we lived closer. Your posts give me comfort; our God is working through YOU. Through my move, that I awaited for 4 years, I’ve encountered many issues that require me to “wait”. I’m waiting having my heating and cooling system completely working efficiently. I’m awaiting the time I get to hold my grandkids and hug my oldest son (whom I haven’t been able to hug in a year and 1/2–he’s stationed in Alaska and travel couldn’t happen for us) and my youngest son (who I was able to go and visit; along with my new granddaughter in August). And of course, my daughter-in-laws. Without being able to get in nature due to some freezing temps and sore body I seem to become more anxious. Each morning, after my devotion and stretching, I’m watching YouTube channels of hymns, nature, and relaxation. It eases my soul and reminds me the beauty of God’s wonderful Earth. And his people (no matter the indifference or hate that might swirl in some). There’s hope. We have an everlasting love from a Father in which NOTHING can separate. God, please heal sweet Jackson and allow acceptance for this needed part of him. Father, thank you for my friend and her testimony. I’m so happy for your puppy too. Finley says hello to your new companion. We both send our love, hugs, and prayers. God bless you my friend.

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    1. Oh Karla, I am so thankful you shared this. Rocko and I will pray for you and Finley. I, too, have had recent anxiety, starting school, new puppy, out of my normal routine. When Rocko is calm and on my lap we pray for our puppy friends and their humans. So thankful you found God here in this post. I pray He is here in every post as I listen to Him. Love and hugs and many prayers to you and Finley. Peacefully, Julie

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      1. Awww Julie, I love you, your family, and Rocko! What prayers warriors I have (two and four-legged). Keep us updated on all the new things and especially, the surgery. And yes, God is oozing through you and your words. Love, hugs, and peace to you my sweet friend. 💚

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  5. Julie, thanks for sharing this. I am catching up (slowly) with a few of your posts. When the “winter” of our lives arrives, we grow impatient with waiting. But sometimes God is asking us to trust in Him.

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